Methodological materials BILIMDON Program(GPE/GRANT/ICB4-2014/3)

Country: Uzbekistan
Language: EN
Number: 3728767
Publication date: 15-08-2017
Source: The World Bank


Project: P144856 - Improving General Sec & Pre-School Edu | Country: Uzbekistan | Team Leader: Teixeira, Janssen Edelweiss Nunes | Product Line:
General Information
Bid Description Methodological materials BILIMDON Program(GPE/GRANT/ICB4-2014/3)
Notice Type Contract Award
Borrower Bid Reference ICB Award
Language of Notice English

ICB Contract Award Notice

Project: P144856 - Improving Pre-primary and General Secondary Education Project

Bid/Contract Reference No: GPE/GRANT/ICB4-2014 - Lot 3
Scope of Contract: Methodological materials BILIMDON Program(GPE/GRANT/ICB4-2014/3)
Duration of Contract: 16Week(s)
Contract Signature Date:
Evaluation Currency: USD-United States Dollars

Awarded Bidder(s):

Address: Office 7, 196 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AT, United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Bid Price at Opening:USD 30,000.00
Evaluated Bid Price: USD30,000.00
Contract Price: USD30,000.00

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